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The Pink Legacy

Fancy pink diamonds are white hot. Each sale price eclipses the previous for these spectacular gifts of nature. Christie's Geneva Magnificent Jewels sale held on November 13th garnered more than $110M all told. But half of that amount went to the sale of the auction's hero--just one item called the Pink Legacy.
Facts Please  The emerald cut 18.86-ct diamond, graded as Fancy Vivid Pink was the most expensive pink diamond ever sold at Christie's. And they sell the best of the best. The hammer came down one last time for $50.4 million--just topping the highest pre-sale estimate. This sale also produced the highest per carat price for a pinkie.

And the Winner Is . . .
Nayla Hayek, CEO of Swatch Group, which owns Harry Winston, said, “We are proud to continue in the Winston tradition of acquiring the finest gems in the world, and tonight The Winston Pink Legacy joins our incredible legacy collection, which began with the acquisition of the 101-carat, D Flawless, Winston Legacy diam…

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