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Behind the Color

Collectors thrill to discover rare gemstone colors. Found in nature, nothing compares to the winsome hues of naturally occurring colored stones. Take padparadscha sapphire for instance. You would love to take it wouldn't you?

Behind the Name
Padparadscha sapphires gain their moniker from a Sinhalese word meaning aqua lotus blossom, pictured here. Almost defying an accurate expression--padparadscha sapphire exquisitely balances pink with  orange in a peachy symphony of color.
Origin Matters 
Origin of such rare stones are more than simply interesting tidbits. Their 'determination of origin' as its called also affects their value. The gigantic padparadscha sapphire shown here is approximately 28.04 carats in size. Mounted in its diamond ring setting, its weight was estimated in its mounting--therefore the 'approximate' size designation.

That's a Pricey Rock
Padparadschas are not only rare in their occurrence but are most often found in small sizes. It's know…

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