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Juicy Jewels Fresh from the Lab

There seems to be a lot more than simply sparkle and color that attracts some modern jewelry lovers. Recently ballerina Misty Copeland was spotted wearing Anabela Chan's lab-grown jeweled earrings to a snazzy event.

Perfect in Every Way
Designer Chan's fascination for luscious fruit is apparent.  And these earrings are pretty luscious themselves. They are bejeweled with ruby, pink sapphire, emerald and diamonds. They're pretty perfect aren't they? They should be. These super sparkly stones are as Chan says 'sustainable' meaning they are all lab-grown.

The Pros for Lab-Grown
There's nothing at all wrong with lab grown gems. And if you speak with a sector of today's consumers, you'll soon learn that lab-grown stones including diamonds are their preferred choice. The mindset here is that no earth was disturbed --and possibly irreversibly damaged in some way in recovering gemstones for use in jewelry. Not to mention the potential for poor working condit…

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