Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Flutter By Butterfly

Sterling & Colored Gemstone Butterfly collection by Richard Rothenberg

Few iconic symbols carry as much cross-cultural punch as the ethereal and mesmerizing butterfly. At once, this delicate awe inspiring creature reminds us that beauty can often be within reach--albeit perhaps fleetingly.

Butterflies have come to represent a certain type of wistful freedom, since they light at will and soon flutter off. Most importantly is remembering that every beautiful butterfly was once a not-so-good looking caterpillar who lumbered along in life until it cocooned for a season--only to re-emerge transformed into elusive winged creatures.

I'm pretty sure this aspect of their transformation is what resonates with us and endears these little flying gems to our collective zeitgeist. We all yearn at one time or another to be transformed into something magnificent--no matter how lowly is our current condition.

Designer Richard Rothenberg understands the power of the butterfly with its implicit message. His artful gemstone butterfly pendants boast different color combinations which reinforce the uniqueness of each butterfly's wing patterns . . . . and mirrors the individuality of the fortunate wearer.

Rothenberg completes his butterfly story with custom crafted showcases, similar to those which hold insect specimens for the scientist's lab . . . but he places these precious butterflies in a natural tableau.

The tempting display invites the owner to remove the sparkling butterfly time and again and enjoy wearing it. When it's not being worn however, the gemmy treasure retreats to the case so everyone can appreciate its story. What a nice way to share the love.

Butterfly Sterling and Gemstone Pendants and Showcase Courtesy Richard Rothenberg.

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