Mysterious Kashmir

Christies Hong Kong gathers the best of the best in world-class jewels for their upcoming auction at the end of May. Leading the elite roster are a pair of exquisitely matched cushion cut Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond ear pendants.

The Kashmir region sits atop India's northern most tip; its fabled mines operating there at an altitude of 15,000 feet produced the world's most coveted sapphires in the late 19th century. Their top color, referred to as cornflower blue can be electric. The intense blue crystals' also give these stones a velvet-like appearance, a unique trait that has made them highly sought after.

Today, the annual output of gem quality sapphires from the region is but a fraction of what was produced in its heyday. Connoisseurs of this material look to top auction houses like Christies to bring these treasures their way.

These particular sapphire ear pendants will be offered at Christies Magnificent Hong Kong Jewels sale along with other important gemstones. The pre-sale estimate for the Kashmir jewels is US$2,600,000 3,800,000.

Image Courtesy: Christies Images Ltd., 2011


John Kamen said…
I think sapphires are the best companion stone to diamonds. I love the way they look together!
John Diamond Price
This upcoming Auction at Christies is AMAZING - either someone important died without heirs or someone needs to liquidate! These are OLD money pieces...did you see that 66ct diamond?

@Robyn, That's what I was thinking. So many pieces from that group must have been in the family for decades. Kashmirs like that haven't been mined since before the 20s!!
dk said…
well they r indeed mined even today,government of kashmir do the mining and auction all the garbage which they collect from sapphire mines of kashmir,a true gem quality stone coming from these mines is very rare,and even if it comes,it lands in illegal hands.i still find such beauties in the private collection of old rich families here in india.

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