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Catch a Cab!

Inspired jewelry creation involves the gemstone itself as an integral part of a successful design. So many cuts are on the market to choose from; and they are all with their own charm. But today, take a moment to appreciate the stone polished en cabochon.

The word itself is from the Old French for 'head' or in "the style of the head". And if you're crossing your t's and dotting your i's, these fine jewels are not actually cut at all. Once they are given their shape (or outline) they are simply but expertly polished into smooth curved surfaces until the desired level of polish is achieved and the symmetry is acquired.

Spoiler here: It's most common for cabochon ('cab' for short) gemstones to be cut in elliptical forms as the eye is much more forgiving of the oval shape when 'seeing' symmetry in a stone.

The Edwardian necklace shown above is over a 100 years old but regales us with its tear drop cabochon cut amethysts. They bring the pie…

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