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What a Girl Loves

Jewelry aficionados have had a life long affection for emeralds; Now a relatively new variety gives us pause and helps us look once again at this ancient stone. All emerald is a beryl mineral. But not all beryl, even the green variety is emerald. I'll let that sink in for a bit.

Inching its Way into Your Heart
Now trapiche emerald, a rather unusual variety is charming its way into the hearts of emerald fans and pretty much all jewelry collectors. The fact that this unique gemstone is in rather limited supply adds to its allure. The distinct stone hails exclusively from the Boyaca region of Colombia.

But what's With the Name?
Trapiche emerald draws its name from its unforgettable appearance. Is it a glistening 4-leaf clover? Or maybe a wheel? What makes the dramatic markings that distinguish trapiche emerald from its well-known variety? The six spokes appearing in trapiche emerald are naturally created by the presence of a mineral inclusion called lutite which gets pushed towar…

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