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Power to the Purple

Colored gemstones are valued for their beauty and rarity among other attributes. Each distinct color confers certain qualities to both wearer and viewer. Take purple--or more specifically violet colored gemstones. Many cultures associate this powerful hue with royalty.

Fans Forever
It's had its loyal following since ancient times--where amethyst found itself as one of the precious stones adorning the high-priests breastplate mentioned in scripture thousands of years back. (Exodus 39)

From the Renaissance ages and onward, amethyst represented humility and modesty all while still garnering pride of place with royalty. Russia's Queen Catherine the Great adored this colored jewel and many amethyst treasures belong to the British Crown Jewels and other European royal dynasties.

All the Purple Possibilities
Nature has produced an enticing array of purpley - violet natural stones--both the transparent kind and opaque as well. Consider jasper, sugilite, purple sapphire, tanzanite, char…

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